The Nordic wine, beer and spirit markets differ in several respects from other European markets due to the existence of a state-controlled sales monopoly regulating the consumer market.

In the off-trade, all alcoholic beverages over 4,7% alc can only be sold through the Vinmonopolet. This means that the Vinmonopolet is one of our most important customers, especially for wine (over 90% of wine imported in to Norway is sold through the Vinmonopolet).

Of course this means that working on the Tenders published by the monopoly is a very important part of our business, that demands a lot of understanding about the purchasing system of the Vinmonopolet. This is why we have a dedicated team that will look after your interest in entering the Norwegian market with us through Vinmonopolet Tenders.

This team will ensure that you are placed with the best Norwegian importer for your needs.

The Solera Beverage Group is a group of import companies that work independently of each other, but that use the benefits of being a large family when it makes sense. We work with both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.

Below you will find videos about the product ranges and the purchasing process of the Vinmonopolet.

the product ranges and the purchasing process



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